Simply put, my pet portraits are digital paintings from photographs: I use digital photographs, along with digital brush work, color manipulation, and other digital artistic techniques to capture each pet's unique personality and expression.

My hope is that my custom pet portraits will make you smile, laugh and cherish them for years to come.


Note:  All artwork created by Michael Thorstensen remain the property of the artist, and he controls copyright of the art.

You supply a few good digital photos of your pet(s).

I get to work creating the portrait!  It’s that easy.

Pricing Options for Portrait:

If you are interested in purchasing a custom portrait

and/or have any questions, please contact me.

Eva’s Portrait
Eva’s Photo


8”x10”   giclee print on canvas      $185

11”x14” giclee print on canvas      $235

16”x20” giclee print on canvas      $300

Giclee prints on canvas are printed

with archival inks, come gallery wrapped

and ready for hanging.